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Accounting Events & Transactions

An accounting event can be defined as a ‘transaction that an accounting entity reports in its financial statements.’ This could include the sale of goods, the purchase of raw materials, asset depreciation, or dividend payments to investors. And, while that might seem rather straightforward and easy to understand, it can get complicated quickly forcing organisations to seek out an experienced London accounting firm.

At Fizerchain, we specialise in major accounting events or transactions such as an initial public offering (IPO), merger, acquisition, divestiture, joint venture, and more.

When you need the knowledge and experience of one of the industry’s leading Accounting Events & Transactions experts, contact Fizerchain. Our team is standing by to serve your organisation’s accounting events & transactions needs with a custom tailored solution.

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To learn more about Fizerchain, or to speak to an experienced London tax consulting specialist who can help you create a tax strategy for your business, give us a call at: +44 0845 838 6108 or book a consultation online now at:


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