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Management / Partners

Management / Partners
Chairman & Partner
Bobby Haried
Bobby Haried Bio:

Bobby Haried is the Managing Director of Fizerchain Ltd who helps private crypto client’s right up to global multinational companies, with A.I, Blockchain, IT Security, IOT, Procurement and fintech companies to create unique architecture and solutions for their future developing business models.

He Holds various certificates, degrees & diplomas in Business Management, HR, A.I, Blockchain, supply chain management, IOT & Agile Scrum Master Architect Technician from various high calibre well known top Universities, governing boards & institutes including CPID, CSM, SFC,IBM & Oxford.

Before starting Fizerchain Ltd in A.I, Blockchain and various consultation work, he worked over 25years as a Sales Manager / Director and Senior Consultant. After a successful career helping Large multinational, Bluechip, Software & Technology giants including Hyundai & Qualcomm as Global advisor, partner and strategist in UK, EU, EMEA, APAC & USA markets.

He now advises Banks, Private & Government Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Eco friendly renewable energy companies on how to incorporate A.I. Blockchain, Procurement and IOT solutions within different departments in their organisations to encourage current and future growth expansion with new emerging technologies.

He enjoys Martial Arts and weight training. Has a high interest in past, current & future technology and medical breakthroughs, especially in patient cures, treatments and protection of individual data and patent rights. With a special high interest in Sarcoma Cancers & rare blood dieses, due to past personal family experiences and works with and supports a wide range of associated charities, hospitals and organizations globally.

Ajay Sharma
Pharmaceutical Partner
Ajay Sharma Bio:

Ajay Sharma has 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical arena, first as a pharmacist in the UK building upto pharmacy Superintendent of his own pharmacy chain and retail business in the UK. With a successful exit and share sale he began his journey of discovery in the pharmaceutical raw ingredients business in Hyderabad, India working closely with manufacturers and finished dose pharmaceutical plants.

The next phase of his career started with the sales of Active pharmaceutical ingredients into CEE and CIS zone, namely into Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo and Kazakhstan. This gave him a seasoned experience of the business and diversified portfolio of pharmaceutical companies as clients in these target countries.

His next step was to move into pharmaceutical finished dose licensing and supply simply to his already vast network of clients. We moved into other geographic areas of the world to include Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Created a business unit into West Africa where he is currently adviser to Sierra Leone

government on pharmaceutical procurement and biosimilar products and policy. Fizerchain is also working closely with Indian and Sri Lankan governments on proposals for procurement. We have won the contract to supply pharmaceuticals to a group of three private hospitals in Sri Lanka, project value $600 million by a Turkish construction partner.

Ajay has moved into advising Ministry of Health and government departments on advanced healthcare programs and IT infrastructure that will enhance the capabilities of his people and benefit the individual nations in promoting health outcomes and value for money.


Fizerchain world wide teams and consultants are available and are provided on request due to security and high profile client advisors.

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