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Covid 19

Fizerchain’s Active response measures will provide rapid insight to mitigate the risk and manage all areas to the vulnerable crisis due to COVID-19 and help you re-establish the future more with prosperity.

Procurement’s opportunity for visibility in the C-Suite

The sudden disruption due to the COVID-19 virus requires us to rethink our supply chain structure. Even today, leading scientists expect a second wave in Autumn 2020 and similar outbreaks to happen in the near future. As procurement and supply chain executives, we need to apply lessons learnt to our organizations immediately, in order to be prepared for the next disruption.

Our upcoming series will discuss the various topics in detail, helping you to structure your roadmap to a more reliable supply chain.

The applicability of the key themes will vary across industries and geographies; however, some quick fixes can be applied to almost all organizations. It is important for procurement and supply chain executives to act now – there has never been a greater awareness in the C-Suite for supply chain reliability, which in turn provides a high-value opportunity to implement changes with C-level support.

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