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Energy, Resources & Industrials

At Fizerchain, our global energy consultants help our clients manage and increase their performance throughout the industry value chain. By providing expertise in energy generation, trading and storage, transmission, distribution, and retail, we enable our clients to strengthen essential capabilities, optimising their organisation and improving their operational performance.

Our experts collaborate with the energy, resources & industrials management chain enabling them to:

  • Develop a stronger, more diverse corporate investment strategy.
  • Evaluate industry trends and their impact on utilities.
  • Implement new business models, for example “smart” energy efficiency services or distributed generation.
  • Define portfolio and global expansion strategies.
  • Increase efficiency of their support functions.
  • Instill a performance-driven culture and decision-driven organisation throughout the business.

At the business-unit level, Fizerchain global energy consultants helps our clients:

  • Optimise future generation mix and fuel sourcing.
  • Manage decarbonisation and other regulatory requirements.
  • Improve energy trading and develop storage strategies.
  • Increase operating performance in transmission and distribution.
  • Capitalise on technology trends and expand into the right adjacencies

If your organisation needs assistance with managing and increasing their performance throughout the industry value chain, contact Fizerchain today at: +44 0845 838 6108 or book a consultation online now at:


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