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PPE And Medical Equipment Procurement With Fizerchain


When the COVID-19 crisis first hit, we weren’t prepared. Somewhere along the way, we weren’t informed of the full magnitude of what was about to happen and that left many of our front line essential personnel without the proper PPE they needed to keep themselves, their patients and their families safe from harm.

Fortunately, they persevered and overcame the many obstacles thrown their way. Eventually, we got the PPE and medical equipment we needed, doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel were able to protect themselves and treat their patients without fear. And we all learned an especially important lesson about procurement and the need for a reliable procurement route in the future.

Fizerchain Global Supply And Procurement

When it comes to procurement of goods, materials, or services from anywhere in the world, Fizerchain stands out above the rest. With many years of experience in the global supply and procurement of just about anything imaginable, Fizerchain has the capabilities and the network to supply the world’s medical industry with the PPE and medical equipment they need for future outbreaks.

Reliable Procurement Routes

Today’s modern medical facilities need dedicated, reliable procurement routes that can get them the PPE and medical equipment they need in times of crisis. Sometimes that means not relying on their current procurement route and opening up to the possibility of adding a new network of procurement routes for their PPE and medical equipment.

HSE Procurement Guidelines

According to HSE guidelines regarding the procurement of PPE, it stated that ‘If customers undertake stock piling, panic buying or misappropriate use of PPE (personal protective equipment), this could disrupt the supply of existing stock levels to the right place at the right time depending on the demand.’ This makes it more important than ever for medical facilities and other organisations to have multiple procurement routes in place before another crisis occurs.

When world leaders are creating a COVID-19 PPE and medical equipment procurement panel, they should consider the talent and experience that Fizerchain has to offer. Fizerchain is the recognised leader in global procurement services and has the ability to meet the world’s PPE needs.

Contact Fizerchain

To learn more about complying with the new post-COVID-19 regulations, contact Fizerchain today and speak with an experienced business consultant who can answer any questions you might have.

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