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The New Normal For Business During The Pandemic – Complying With The New Regulations

Many countries and cities are cautiously relaxing coronavirus-related restrictions and as businesses are recovering, they need to implement new normal measures. This involves short- and long-term fixes to boost consumer confidence, so they will resume buying things again. The first phase of restarting business operations is by implementing changes to allay fears and keep employees safe. Consumers are already very conscious about health risks, whether imagined or real. In many places, we begin to see a flurry of activities. At the same time, businesses that proactively seek to mitigate health risks of COVID-19 will regain trust from consumers.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some ways that businesses can comply with the new COVID-19 regulations:

Impose Company-Wide Social Distancing- social distancing is the basic strategy for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in workplace. It could be necessary to re-arrange your office layout to prevent co-workers from getting too close. They need to wear face masks at all times. Limit the number of employees in the meeting room and if possible, continue using Zoom or other teleconferencing platforms, although all employees are present at work.

Requite Regular Hand-Washing- educate employees about proper handwashing methods. It is always better to wash hands with running water and soap, than using hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes. The WHO advises washing hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, including lathering spots under the nails and between fingers. Employees should be constantly reminded until regular handwashing becomes a workplace habit.

Perform Routine Cleaning- high-traffic areas should be cleaned up regularly, every 30 minutes or more often. This means that businesses may need to hire dedicated cleaning staffs who constantly disinfect risky areas. The constant presence of cleaning staffs will keep employees and customers feeling confident about the hygiene of the workplace and the store.

Require Sick Employees To Stay Home- if some employees are coughing and sneezing regularly, they must be required to stay at home. If they are showing mild symptoms, they can still continue working from home. For larger businesses that operate an infirmary with a full-time doctor and paramedic, it is recommended to invest on rapid diagnostic test kits.

Ask Customers To Maintain Safe Distance- it should be fairly easy to ask customers keep their distance. In fact, they will be reluctant to go to crowded indoor areas. Seats in waiting areas should be re-arranged and assign staff to direct customers.

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